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A Sacred Still, Heirloom Flower Frame


  • 6.3×6.3 inch glass frame
  • pressed flowers
  • A Sacred Still – poem by Esther V
  • unique handmade design

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A Sacred Still is the perfect poem to grace your quiet time area. Presented in an heirloom Flower Frame, this would make an exquisite gift for a friend, or for your own home.

Each piece is uniquely crafted, and includes one of my poems, adorned with beautiful, pressed flowers.

  • 6.3×6.3 inch glass frame
  • pressed flowers
  • poem by Esther V
  • unique handmade design

If you wish to include a different poem by Esther V. please place a custom order.

Each arrangement of florals is unique, and no two pieces will be exactly alike. If you place a back order, please be aware that the flower arrangement may look slightly different, but the same general color scheme will be used. If we are sold out of this item, please feel free to browse our other items, or place a custom order.

{A limited number of custom frames are available per month. Please allow 2-3 weeks for custom/back orders.}


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